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Seminars And Crusades

Many Christians today are being taken in by the devils deception in the word and teachings especially in deliverance. Any kind of teaching must have its foundation and principles firmly grounded in the word of God not in human experience. Therefore it’s possible to train and educate the human spirit just as it’s possible to the human mind and soul.

Come join us in our seminars and crusades that are conducted throughout the different parts of Uganda and the world at large and be blessed with teachings that will grow your spirit, mind and soul and be perfected in Christ. Click here in our calendar to look out for the next crusade or seminar near you.


Support for Widows

We recognize the struggles certain women go through to look after their families after losing their husbands. It becomes a much more difficult adjustment especially when the man was the sole provider of the family.

Such families become in need basic necessities like food, shelter, clothing, medication, household items and such alike to jumpstart their livelihoods out of extreme poverty.

As a church, we are fulfilling our mandate of helping the widowed families in need. We donate such basic necessities such as food, clothes, mosquito nets, to over 60 widowed families on a weekly basis to lay foundations for lasting change.

This is however just a scratch on the surface. Kampala alone has thousands of families that need such help. We cannot reach all that magnitude without your help. Help support this cause by donating anything that will help support these families.


Home Cells

We support hundreds of home cells throughout the country, fulfilling our mission of creating the perfected church of Christ. Home cells are where church members gather within their neighborhoods to share God’s word and teachings.

Our devoted pastors often visit and share deliverance and spirit growing teachings within these home cells. If you would like to join one of our cells near you, or you would like us to visit your cell, please click here to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Hospital And Prison

This has been an important ministry since our inception and it has had a great impact through the mending of the broken hearts and souls. Our pastors and ministers dully visit hospitals and prisons throughout Uganda on a weekly basis to preach the word of God and extend the message of hope to those that have perhaps lost the joy and hope.

Through this ministry, thousands have turned their lives around and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal savior, and we have witnessed life changing testimonies and miracles. You can also join us be part of our hospital and prison ministry and share the blessing.


Education Sponsorship

At Mutundwe Christian Fellowship, we believe education is paramount in the development of our nation’s children and their communities. With education, children are able to develop intellectual and social skills, overcome socioeconomic barriers and create opportunities for others who would otherwise lack them.

In Uganda, nearly one in twenty school age children have never enrolled in school, and out of those who enroll, 81% drop out due to lack of financial support. As a church, we have the responsibility to ensure that disadvantaged children access life opportunities as God intended for them.

Therefore defeat these statistics, Mutundwe Christian Fellowship establish an education sponsorship program that supports over 120 disadvantaged children across primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. However this is only a fraction of the sheer number of children that require our support and we need your help.